Month: July 2014

  • What “We” Must Do Right Now For Palestine/Israel, Not Governments

    There are important next steps being debated for what states can and should do to stop the current war, and set the stage for ending the current cycle of violence. That is not my subject. I thought recently that leaders are followers and followers are leaders, and neither knows it. The fact is that people and their individual initiatives have much more impact on the course of history than is acknowledged by government officials, by cynics, and by those too apathetic, too callous, or too fearful to act. If you are in that category, do not read forward. Just go back to Al Jazeera, Fox and CNN and choose a side. Or go back to Jon Stewart and have a good laugh.

    Here is what is necessary, efforts that have worked before in history in changing the available information available to all parties so that more rational and more morally …

  • Reflections on Disunion and Union


    It is hard to over estimate who is bleeding more in all the people that you meet. The walking wounded are everywhere. Like zombies. That puts conflict management and mitigation in a whole different light. 

    There is no battle in the war on prejudice. The battlefront is us. Expect everyone, including yourself, to be prejudiced and then be pleasantly surprised.

    We are all hopelessly divided especially, in the strange brain patterns that we call ideologies. But it is equally true that love conquers all, even the most bizarre differences among us. We have all witnessed that this is possible.

    Two people claim the same house. They build a vision of a world without the other. Then they meet. Then they look into each other’s eyes and fall in love, just then. Then they proceed to pray for peace together. The insane beauty of the human capacity for sympathy, compassion, and

  • A Tale of HL


    Once upon a time the known world of E was divided up between nasty C’s and nastier F’s who learned from each other how to destroy the poor M’s. The poor M’s hid in every shadow they could find. Then one day, many decades later, the M’s got tired of the shadows, and even more tired of the F’s and C’s, and so they made a big home for themselves to which the F’s and the C’s were not terribly welcome. The C’s disappeared into thin air. Some became F’s, and many just disappeared. But the F’s retreated to the shadows, and then spread their wings like bats and flew in the night across the world to another world called the HL. And there they nested for decades, until they one day grew and grew, and then grew so large that they divided the HL among themselves between IF’s

  • Reflections on Dancing in War and Leadership

    The Test of Our Progress is Not- RooseveltFranklin Theodore Roosevelt



    There is always a dance of life and a dance of death. The only question at each moment of history is which dance is more appealing. 

    Warriors for life must learn to out dance warriors for death, and the best way is to never ever dance alone. 


    Being misled is a fundamental human need for some, being anything is better to them than Confusion 

    Leaders for life ultimately prevail over leaders for death because most want life, but followers never prevail over anything

  • Event with New Story Leadership Participants

    Last weekend, Marc appeared on the event of New Story Leadership for the Middle East as a panelist to discuss with Israeli and Palestinian youths, at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

    During the 7-week youth leadership program in Washington, a young delegation with 5 Israelis and 5 Palestinians watched the recent news of increasing tension between two countries, which made the program challenging and notable.

    You can read the report of this event at Scripps Howard Foundation Wire, or watch the video.


  • Targeting / Enemies




    Aim too high and you will lose yourself, 
    Aim too low and you will lose yourself,
    Aim for your true self, 
    and greatness knocks on your door. Based on Pensees 398. 

    Shoot the enemy and you shoot yourself,
    Shoot yourself and you are gone,
    Shoot rage, shoot fear, shoot estrangement,
    And your target is at hand. 


    Hook up with an enemy.
    Forget military victory,
    Forget conferences,
    Forget degrees,
    Forget think tanks,
    Forget policy.
    Nothing works anymore.
    Hook up with an enemy,
    Then victory will be at hand,
    In the eyes of your new friend.
    Together you will conquer worlds,

  • Thoughts On War This Week

    We Shall Overcome- MLK

    “We Shall Overcome Because the Arc of the Moral Universe is Long; But It Bends tward Justice.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

    Black and white are the colors of war, and the rest are the colors of peace. Black and white misfire the human brain. Symptoms of disease, they are the colors of paranoia, fear, false righteousness, emptiness, and panic. The other colors embrace mixture, love making, uncertainty, evolution, and merging. Sacred life is in the rainbow.

    The white light of bombs streaks across the sky and fills our hearts with terror, the light of the rainbow streaks across the sky and fills us with hope.

    The light of bombs lands on earth with thunderous booms that spell destruction of life and limb in that spot, the light of the rainbow lands on earth with a whispered blessing that is nowhere and everywhere.


    Remember the dead …

  • “Blame Israel and Hamas both for Gaza’s civilian deaths”- from +972 Magazine

    Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness- MLKMartin Luther King Jr.


    Let me share Larry Derfner’s latest article;

    Larry Derfner, Blame Israel and Hamas both for Gaza’s civilian deaths (July 11, 2014)

    Larry gets it perfectly, as more and better information emerges. A curse on both approaches to military solutions and killing. Mostly on both sides, the war crime result is from the political leaders not so much the military leaders. this is the emerging pattern from the USA to Russia as well. We have a global situation emerging of enormous firepower, ultimately in the hands of civilians who stay in power by showing a given constituency that they can be bastards to an enemy, whether that enemy is Hamas, Ukraine, or whoever. That means that we the people who give rise to such civilians bear the burden of responsibility for such male bravado in those leaders ignore all other means of problem solving. We are …

  • They Bomb and You Bomb

    marc photo

    *dedicated to all my dearest Arab, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic sisters and brothers,

    Too many to name,

    Across the world,

    Who bring light and love.

    You know who you are.


    I had a dream of you.

    Last night I saw bombs bursting everywhere,

    But they were Yours not theirs.

    They bombed and you bombed.

    Their bombs pierce the body and break it apart in pieces,

    Your bombs pierce the heart and merge body and soul with millions of other souls.

    Their bombs stream across the sky with hate,

    Your bombs stream across the planet with love.

    Their bombs destroy family relations,

    Yours create a thousand more relations.

    Their bombs make a man weep with sorrow,

    And your bombs make a man weep with sorry.

    Their bombs are designed for ultimate torture,

    And your bombs heal the worst wounds.

    Their bombs are manufactured for revenge,

    And yours for …

  • Tonight I remember


    Tonight I remember lonely days on the empty streets of Jerusalem years ago at the height of the suicide bombing.  I remember exactly what I felt as I walked Emek Refaim, and buses passed me with travelers too poor or to brave to avoid the danger of travel.  As they passed, I thought to myself about their eyes, I gazed into their eyes, and I thought I saw ghosts, about to die.  I wondered if the blast would hit me as they drove past and our blood and souls would mix in eternity.  They did not die that night, and neither did I, I think.  Once a ghost always a ghost.  I am the walking dead of this conflict between Arab and Jew.  I carry them all with me in my soul, and I wait to join them one day.

    What more can I do but feel their lives