Month: July 2014

  • “Concentration Camp” by a Young German Woman


    This song is written by a young German woman, please watch. It made me weep.

    Ahava – Concentration Camp (Song)


  • Harsh Observation and Revenge


    Harsh observation

    When you give peanuts to peacemakers and billions to weapons industries expect your children to die.



    When you burn someone to death, the lungs breathe the fire. But this is as true of a bomb from the sky as it is from a torch. 

    Most innocents are not killed in conflict by savage murder. Most die from ‘you hit me, so I hit you harder’. 

    It is the savage in all of us that is the real killer to be chained. We dismiss the terrorist and waltz back into war.

    The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them. Ezekiel 18:20. (6th Century BCE) Enough said on house demolitions, carpet bombing.

    Both …

  • Reflection on Pursuit in the Middle East and Jerusalem, July 2014

    Rebellion is only freedom when there is a path, and the path is compassion. Otherwise the new master is hate. 

    Rebellion is the mirror image of the oppressor, unless there is vision, and unless the vision is compassion. 

    Peaceful vision of a peaceful path. Otherwise, rebellion is merely an image of the oppressor. 

    Heroes of peace grow like wildflowers. But they flower only through those who follow them. Otherwise they are crucified, or, worse, ignored.

    Heroes of peace are simply mirrors of populations ready to love. Until they are ready, not even God can shake them.

    Peace only calls the ‘every person’, and then heroes merely lead the way when the ‘every person’ is tired of not listening to the angel within.


    An Abraham is always pursuing teenagers to slaughter and fulfill his vision, a Voice is always suggesting alternatives, while Sarah and Hagar drown in a sea

  • Reflections on the Middle East June 2014

    Humans are using powers of reasoning and planning to make a far less violent planet than ever before in history . Lets accelerate the pace.


    The defeat of violence is silence, for in silence there is observation, and observation yields reason, humility and compassion.


    Revenge and Compassion are the same. Both are crying mothers with raw hearts. But one gives birth to Hell, and the other to Heaven.


    When you oppose hatred with hatred you cannot win. Only hatred wins. Embrace those who hate and undermine their hatred from within. #Wisdom


    The only victory against hatred is love. Everything else is a defeat.


    Hatred is fire, and love is water. The hatred of the few burns the many who have no water, but those with water easily extinguish the fire.


    Policies without love cannot extinguish the fires of hatred. Policies with love are a mighty river. Human Rights

  • The Honorable Thing to Do Is Kill Someone: Defeating Men’s Culture of Honor to Overcome the Syrian Catastrophe


    “It is time for honor to die, so that the people may live.”

    Here’s my latest on the Huffington Post.  Please click here to read the full article.

    First the bad news: a fracture in the Middle East is looming. There is a fracturing of states along sectarian lines that has been funded and instigated by a variety of men around the Middle East and beyond. There is a radicalization both of dictators and their violence, on one side, (Sisi far worse than Mubarak, and Assad the ophthalmologist committing massive war crimes), and religious extremists on the other, with their crucifixions and intent on destroying states and kingdoms as such. This has made for impossible choices to most innocent Middle Easterners who may retreat into sectarian safe havens that only guarantee more fracturing and violence.

    There is a hidden root to this negative spiral, and that root is men’s

  • Nasty Neural Habits: Take 2 Positive Thoughts and Call Me in the Morning

    Here is an excerpt from a recent Huffington Post article I wrote. You can read the full article here.

    Two discoveries are changing our world in a good way: one, much of what we think is wrong in the world gets its start in and is a product of our brain. Two, there is a lot we can do to change the brain without a single operation or drug. Many of the ways that you can make yourself better and the world better at the same time is by getting to know yourself and getting over yourself. It is a life’s journey toward worthy service in the world, but really it is your brain’s journey toward renewal.

    …What has emerged in both science and wisdom traditions is that positive thoughts have consequences for hard wiring, especially when they are repeated often, daily. We can re-order even the most damaged