Month: September 2014

  • Thoughts on Our War World



    How can we listen to sad love songs,
    When there are so many starving for love?
    Who the hell do we think we are?
    What rights for pity do we think we have,
    When outside our doorstep,
    Is a cosmos of love-starved beings?


    We, we are the Higgs boson,
    We are elusive,
    Impossible to discover,
    Yet everywhere.…

  • Reflecting on “Dancing”


    I wrote this during the Gaza war. I think the theme of dance is very important, post-quantum physics way to understand the complex interaction of enemies, how they build on each other, and what it must teach us in reverse. I am amazed at how much of a dance enemies have, how much they depend on each other’s worst behaviors. We know this scientifically but it is hard to internalize as a definition of fluid reality. All our debates are as if enemies are fixed entities not evolving with each other. We warriors for peace still do not know how to really counteract that. We have tried the arts, we have tried tourism, we have tried commerce, but the dance of death is more frightening and compelling to the masses. Why did the young generation succeed in the 1960’s to create a real alternative that attracted the masses, but

  • Ask


    AntakyaAsk why to be a child,
    Ask what to be an adult.
    Ask why to be confused,
    Ask what for clarity.
    Ask why to be passive
    Ask what to be active.
    Ask why to mourn,
    Ask what to build.…

  • Defeated By Love

    The sky was lit
    by the splendor of the moon
    So powerful
    I fell to the ground
    Your love
    has made me sure
    I am ready to forsake
    this worldly life
    and surrender
    to the magnificence
    of your Being

              –Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (Poet, 1207-1273)



  • Law’s Absence

    The beginning of law is the expectation of everything. The beginning of gratitude is the expectation of nothing. The dance of law and gratitude is sobriety. Punishment must be delayed, in order to live.…

  • Perfection

    No perfect partners no perfect families no perfect societies no perfect peace no perfect justice. Perfection is the enemy of happiness. Perfection is a delusion that creates misery. Perfection is the friend of isolation, anger, impatience, and disappointment. Perfection is an idol of nonexistence whose absence generates the worship of rage. Perfection obsession is a hard wired inherited habit of thinking whose offspring is alienation and depression , more so in the recipients than in the source. Gratitude is its opposite. Gratitude is its cure.



    (Photo: Dr. Karen)…

  • Reflections, August 2014 vol.2

    The stoics, the Epicurians, Taoists, Sufis, the Buddhists, all feel that the real prison is the human mind. I am still thinking.
 The question now facing #Jews is how many #Palestinian lives should be sacrificed for one #Israeli soldier? 10? 100?
    With children of #Syria#crdc and project Amal ou Salam
    AmalouSalam pic
    A budding #Syrian artist, generously giving his paintings away
    A message of the children of #Syria
    Message from Syrian kids
    To be with victims in a time of war is to be @loss for words but not to be with them even one victim is to be @loss of your soul
    #Syrians and #Turks deep in negotiations
    kids negotiation
    The beginning and end of conflict prevention is gratitude. #peacebuilding
 please Share widely.  It is essential to both save #Syria from #ISIS and to use all parties for immediate ceasefire.
 Only by facing the death of #democracy in #Israel can you fight for

  • Deus Ex Machina


    Men who represent governments are not entitled to their own opinions nor do they control absolutely anything. Therefore those who are risking their lives around the world and ask government officials for their opinion are not only wasting their time, they are also putting themselves in danger. Do not make revolutions or rebellions or demonstrations based on external promises. Ever ever ever.


  • A Moment

    It is a special agony leaving loved ones behind who go back to war. It is a special guilt that tears at the soul.

    Aug 29 from FB