What is missing from the endless debate about Iran, about sanctions, and about military action, is the role of global consensus, and the real facts of what it would take to find any nonviolent way for the global community to prevent the leaders of Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Consistently the United States argues for sanctions and Russia and China veto such sanctions. What is less stated is that Iran is a critical economic partner of Russia, whereas the United States has its sphere of influence as Saudi Arabia. Well, it seems simple to me. If the United States really wants the world to isolate Iran in terms of fossil fuel exports (the only truly effective boycott) then resource sharing and resource access must be completely re-negotiated between the great powers and the oil producing nations. How else can there be global consensus? And if there cannot be, and we all know it, then why are we engaged in this game of sanctions talk? The less serious the global community is about this issue, in direct cooperation with the Middle Eastern states, the more that A. Iran can play everyone off against each other, and B. unscrupulous politicians can utilize this issue in Israel to distract from a fair deal with and fair treatment of Palestinians, which also plays into Iran’s hands, not to mention the Taliban, Al Qaeda etc. A real deal needs to take place between China, Russia and the U.S. if we are to avoid the catastrophe of Israel trying to attack Iran. We can do this with a much deeper alliance of the great powers, which in turn will hopefully bring Khameini to the table for a non-weaponized nuclear Iran.

© Marc Gopin