“A New United Nations of Human Rights Countries” – Huffington Post

My latest article has come up on Huffington Post. Appreaciate your consideration, comments, and critiques!


“A New United nations of Human Rights Countries,” Huffington Post

The ten most successful nations on earth, in terms of well-known categories of human rights adherence, as well as other quality of life metrics, such as equal pay, women’s equality, the basic freedoms, environmental sustainability, should form a union that will come with very clear and enviable privileges and for the governments and peoples of said states… 

The goal of such a union is simple: incentivized expansion, the creation of a club that aspires to include more and more member states, as those states reach the appointed threshold metrics of human rights adherence. This will create incentives, from both top down and bottom up, to improve a human rights record. This will revitalize a global movement in a better direction for many nations, and it will also make it clear to citizens of repressive societies what exactly their leaders are withholding from them, which in turn will create dynamic struggle of citizens, both privileged and underprivileged…..

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(Photo: UNMIS/Stuart Price)

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