A Tale of HL


Once upon a time the known world of E was divided up between nasty C’s and nastier F’s who learned from each other how to destroy the poor M’s. The poor M’s hid in every shadow they could find. Then one day, many decades later, the M’s got tired of the shadows, and even more tired of the F’s and C’s, and so they made a big home for themselves to which the F’s and the C’s were not terribly welcome. The C’s disappeared into thin air. Some became F’s, and many just disappeared. But the F’s retreated to the shadows, and then spread their wings like bats and flew in the night across the world to another world called the HL. And there they nested for decades, until they one day grew and grew, and then grew so large that they divided the HL among themselves between IF’s and AF’s. And once again the M’s of HL retreated to the shadows, terribly afraid of the nasty IF’s and AF’s. And there the M’s remain, not sure how to create a home for themselves to which the IF’s and AF’s will not be terribly welcome.

(E=Europe, F=fascist, HL= Holy Land)


© Marc Gopin