Business that Unifies, Business that Divides

Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas – The Washington Post.

The reports demonstrating Bain and Romney’s deep involvement in aiding the steady demise of American jobs for poor people by shipping them overseas and making enormous profits is a tale in American conflict generation. A society first and foremost must be a based on a social contract between in its richest and poorest citizens that they will all do their share for the increased prosperity and welfare of the society. This creates social harmony, this unifies and it is the basis of the peaceful vision of capitalism that Adam Smith had which required a moral sense, intuitions of empathy and compassion that accompanied the profit motive.

But this is nowhere to be found in the Wall Street of today which has no comprehension of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Bain and Romney symbolize this world of greed gone crazy, where the American ratio of highest to lowest paid are close to 445 to 1, whereas the developed nations are closer to 30 to 1 and 15 to 1. This is greed without limits, not capitalism, and Mr. Romney promises more of that. Worse, the unscrupulous and extremist funders stepping forward to help him, especially the Koch brothers, Adelson and others, appear to want things even worse than they already are.

America needs a new model of business that unifies, not one that divides, and it needs leaders who comprehend the gravity of not addressing this problem.

© Marc Gopin