Throughout history, there are no dictators without oligarchs.

The dictator is the puss pimple on top of the acne of oligarchy.

The system of war criminal justice is designed to deter a very specific kind of man who is inherently a narcissistic risk taker, who believes he is invincible, which means that some vague possibility of justice some day might become reality. But he always believes he will live on forever, or his family.

The oligarch is not a risk taker but a calculator, a blood hound for money, and a preference for money accrued legalistically but immorally off the backs of the unsuspecting who believe in the rule of law.

The laws of war crimes must evolve further. We need a guarantee based on international law that the vast fortunes of industrialists or oligarchs that supported war criminals, will in fact be given, to the last penny, over to the victims.

In this way, instead of trying to deter the few risk taking narcissistic megalomaniac men, we may begin to truly deter war by bringing it home to the bank accounts of the larger number of criminal oligarchs or industrialists.

© Marc Gopin