Even Iraq Rejects America’s Attack on Syria

Iraq has rejected the United States’ use of its territory as a base from which to attack Syria. That is interesting because I thought that the justification for the attack was to defend Iraq from foreign fighters. No one has a greater stake in repelling foreign fighters than the Iraqis themselves. Though, wisely, they realize that building a peaceful relationship with their neighbors is far more effective than killing a few people and weakening the sovereignty of neighboring states.

Coverage of the incident is receiving increasing attention and analysis. I have done some of my own digging as to the source of the attack. It seems that most people assume that this attack across an international border could not have been done without the express approval of the White House and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But it is possible that the Vice President authorized it and presented it to Bush as a done deal. We cannot know. But the timing this week, before the election, seems quite deliberate. There was no compelling military reason to do this this week or this month when just recently American military leaders had indicated that numbers of fighters from Syria were significantly down from two years ago.

Syrian Patrol in Abu Kamal on the Iraqi Border
Syrian Patrol in Abu Kamal on the Iraqi Border
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