FB Friending Analysis



Interesting, in the hotness of the Gaza war attention (while thousands suffer and die anonymously nearby in Syria and Iraq, for example), it is interesting to watch the evolution of thinking day to day under a microscope. I find myself to be a magnet for positive rational thinking these days in terms of FB friending patterns, not that I necessarily deserve that. I am impressed at the number of people seeking to friend me in recent days who trust neither Hamas nor Israel to protect the people of Palestine or build a better future, and putting lots of thought on which parties could do this. This is a good direction of thought. One theme emerging is that very few people are buying the idea that Israel has at this point a decent plan for the future, but also, one man, one vote one time of political Islam and military Islam is rapidly reaching a level of venomous rejection by Arabs, global leaders and Jews alike. I think the future is expecting new coalitions to emerge, both in official and unofficial circles. Many wise people are humbly asking the right questions, and that is usually followed by a creative stage.


(Photo source: MiPetoskey.com)

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