Imagine a Violent World Where You Have No Military Option: What Would You Do?

Originally published on The Huffington Post 

Imagine a violent world in which all means to defend yourself with violence is out of the question. No matter which way you turn the people with guns just suck. They are dangerous, unreliable, and are killing or getting killed all the time. What would you do? Especially if you were a guy, like most who do the killing in conflict. What if you were surrounded with corrupt and dangerous military on the one side and extremist rebels on the other?

No one likes to think about this reality, even though it is the more common reality of war faced by millions of people since the dawn of time. It does not fit our neat brain patterns for simplistic gut reactions. Some gut reactions always side with government and military, others side with those who are defiant and willing to fight. Everyone wants an option where you can fight for a noble cause. Some follow Bin Laden’s formula for what is human instinct join the strongest horse, and to hell with everyone else.

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