It’s time to nominate a peacemaker!

By Mallory Huggins

From the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding:


Dear Friends, is ready to receive your nomination for the next Peacemakers in Action andWomen’s Peace Initiative awardees.

Visit Tanenbaum’s new website and learn how to identify and honor religiously motivated peacemakers risking their lives in zones of armed conflict. Nominations accepted through November 30th!


The Peacemakers in Action Award honors a man or woman motivated by religion to work for peace in an armed conflict – anywhere in the world.

The Women’s Peace Initiative Award honors a woman from Middle East-North Africa motivated by religion to work for peace in her region.

The Peacemakers in Action program supports religious peacemakers with the following benefits:

1. Increased public recognition for their efforts and achievements

2. $15,000 to reinforce their work

3. Expert training

4. An in-depth case study on their religious peacemaking work

5. The opportunity to help create and participate in a worldwide practitioners’ network

Help support the work of relatively unknown peacemakers on the ground. Spread the word about this call for nominations. And visit today!

We thank you,

Joyce S. Dubensky
Executive Vice President & CEO

Heather Dubois
Assistant Program Director, Religion and Conflict Resolution

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