Jewish Confessions of Atrocities Hit the Israeli Press

Childhood in Gaza
Childhood in Gaza

Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques – IDF fashion 2009

Testimonies on IDF misconduct in Gaza keep rolling in

‘Shooting and crying’

Israeli journalists are reporting on the stories out of Gaza becoming more and more horrible as Israeli troops confess more in the public. Of course what is amazing to the rest of the world is that what they saw with their own eyes through Al Jazeera and other news outlets, Israelis and Jewish reactionaries did not see on their Fox-exclusive television sets–nor believe. Furthermore, if anyone in the world had Palestinian friends and actually believed them then the revelations now come as no surprise. I and my friends were in mourning and shock as it was happening, because we have seen the deterioration in the Israeli psyche and feared the worst. And also some of us in this world actually have Palestinian friends. It is rare in the U.S. and rare even in the Middle East, but true. If  you have friends you know what is happening to their families. You find out, you ask, and when people are crying, their eyes bloodshot all the time, you tend to ask why–that is if you really know and love even one Palestinian. If you are liberal and read liberal magazines and vote liberal, but have no Palestinians you know or trust, then you tend to be skeptical when people in this post-Holocaust world hurl shocking accusations at Jewish soldiers. Smells of antisemitism.

This is the sad reality of isolated Jewish life in Israel and the reactionary Jewish community. They  have no one they trust other than official Israel Defense Forces press releases. That has become the true Torah, if by Torah you mean a source of unquestioned truth. And that is why so many people in Israel now are shocked by the revelations, just shocked. Because only when soldiers say it is true is it true.

It could not be true that during the war Jewish soldiers shot, or had orders to shoot, medical rescue teams so that civilians bled to death everywhere, their bodies left for days and weeks. Jews are doctors, they save lives, they rush to hospitals even on the Sabbath to save their patients, they don’t deliberately make people bleed to death and leave their bodies to rot. It could not be true that Jews shot and even had orders to shoot women and children. Jews don’t do that sort of thing. Except if the graduates of Oranim say they did. Jews don’t make shirts for their army unit that have a picture of a pregnant Palestinian, with a target on her, with the words, “one shot, two kills”. Jews don’t do this sort of thing, Serbians do, Germans do, Goyim do, not Jews. Except if Israeli soldiers confess it, without shame. Then a new day has dawned. And the endless wars of the Jewish people with the Palestinians has killed a little bit  more of what used to be Jewish morality.

Wake up, world, wake up the United States. If you are pro-Israel and only care about Jews, not Palestinians, then think of it this way: Israeli Jews need your help, to save them from themselves. Every day you are turning your back on American atrocities of the last eight years, every day there is more of a revolution going on in Washington. Thank God. Just don’t forget your vassal in the Middle East, the one you encouraged to be a beacon of democracy no matter what the cost to the soul. They need a revolution too, and only you have the power to save them from themselves.

© Marc Gopin