Jewish style Al Qaeda theology

I know that some Jews on my list find this painful and embarrassing, but this is the Jewish version of Al Qaeda. Just as embarrassed Muslims have to face themselves, so do Jews. I would love to hear rebuttals of this story, with evidence in hand. Finally, not everything has to be balanced in the shame game. Sometimes Muslims need to ‘take it in the chin’ like 9/11. Gaza? It is a prison of millions of real human beings, and 99% of the casualties were Palestinian men, women, and children. So you have to take it in the chin and just deal. How else can people improve themselves.

I would like to ask my Jewish listeners about the scandal in the past decades of child abuse and sexual abuse among Orthodox rabbis. So fine, it was and is a small minority, but the problem is that, as with the Catholic Church, many tried to hide it. Whole organizations popped up to expose this and fight this. Would you have said at the time, ‘why are you singling out Jews? Rabbis? Look at all the abuse in the Arab world?’ This is the kind of defense mechanism I hear from Jews who do not want to hear about Gaza. But the racism of it is that these same people never would have wanted to shove under the carpet the abuse of Jewish children in Orthodox institutions, no matter how embarrassing. Why? Because children come first. Right!!! Same in Gaza. Children come first, crime is crime, period. The sanctity of a child is non-negotiable. period. Self defense has limits, and one Jewish child does not equal a hundred Palestinian children. The politicians failed but that does not mean Gazan children can be the human sacrifice. The Jewish prophets outlawed child sacrifice thousands of years ago, and they warned severely of the consequences of abusing strangers, orphans, the weak.

These rabbis are a sickness born of the Occupation. Plain and simple.

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© Marc Gopin