Judgment Day

daily life
Every day is judgment day
When you are mad with vision,
When the world as it is,
And the world as it should be,
Are enemies to the core.
Every day is judgment day,
When you see what you could be,
And peer at what you are.
Every day is judgment day,
When every day,
Every damn day,
Someone else, someone new,
Looks at you for help,
For your power,
Your power,
Which is an illusion.
Every day is judgment day,
When the heart of the world
Deserves a billion years of life,
And the hands of the world,
Deserve to be cut off right now.
Every day is judgment day,
When reality all around you,
Is an insult to dreams.
We are captives,
Of dreams.
We are,
Our own Judgment Day,
Every day.
I put a smile on her face,
One day,
Just one day,
Away from war.
He felt deeply loved,
For twenty minutes,
Twenty whole minutes,
In my hotel room,
As we counseled,
HIs path to survival,
Away from war.
My soul,
Please remember this,
As you ravage me,
On Judgment Day. 

(A Gut Yor to all my Jewish friends, blessings to everyone.)


(Photo: Annette Thompson)

© Marc Gopin