Hope springs eternal–and strangely. Kazakhstan, a nation with strong new ambitions, is offering to host a nuclear bank that would make it unnecessary for multiple nations to develop highly enriched unranium on their own. This is a critical alternative to many nations developing dual use technology leading to nuclear weapons grade¬† material. President Obama, of course, is supporting this proposal–and so is President Ahmadanijad of Iran. If this moves ahead it could form the basis of a non-military solution to the crisis between Iran, its neighbors, Israel and the West. Stay tuned.

There is a trend emerging here. First Turkey, now Kazakhstan, non-Arab Muslim nations who are stepping up to the plate to break the impasses of the Middle East that have dogged the world for hundreds of years. A confluence of new found confidence of emerging Islamic nations and the arrival of President Obama may be providing a way forward beyond the ‘war is the only option’ psyche of recent American policy and behavior, in addition to the ‘jihad is the only option’ psyche of the extremists in the Middle East. And, to confirm another pattern, Kazakhstan, like Turkey, has a distinct record of positive embrace of the Jewish community locally and globally. This too will pave the way for the United States to aggressively engage in Middle East peacemaking.

the President of Iran and the President of Kazakhstan
The President of Iran and the President of Kazakhstan
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