Minority Lens

When I grew up in America,
I wore a minority lens,
And it corrected,
For Legal blindness,
To injustice.
They are trifocals,
So that I can see the close,
and the near,
and the far.
For I was orthodox,
a minority within the minority Jewish, within the majority Christian,
and white.
It has taken a long time,
But now when I travel,
to the Holy Land,
I stay with the minority,
I sleep with the minority,
I dance with the minority,
and I dream with the minority. Because it is only
with that lens,
that I can see the close,
And the near,
And the far,
and the golden light,
of the setting sun
over the sea,
and the rising sun
over the desert,
And the light that removes,
The blinding desert storms,
Or human ones.

© Marc Gopin