Every dollar spent is an investment in the world’s tilt towards the good or the bad.

Every dollar is a statement, a testimony to who you are and what you believe in.
Money is sacred, money is power, money is a testimony. No matter how wealthy or how poor you consider yourself to be, your spent money is a testimony to who you are and what your power is as long as you live. Even your saved money, is spent by where you save it.

Ask, before each dollar spent or invested, does this reflect my core beliefs?
And if not, how could I inch some of it in a new direction?

A world of 7 billion can seem to be a terribly disempowering place,
It is not. That is just our perception and our commitment to learned helplessness.
To everything we do, every day at every moment, there is a hidden power.
We can spend that power not unconsciously, not with apathy, but with intention.
It will make us happier to confront our power and use it with intention,
and we will engage in a much more enlightened, spirited and responsible debate among us. Every plastic wrapping or cup that we refuse to buy, every dollar that we put into an enterprise of equal ownership, every time we go to a store with a better reputation for kindness and fairness, every purchase of the natural, becomes a statement of our power. It seems trivial only because we forget that we 7 billion are one, and when we change just one habit, we change the world.

© Marc Gopin