Radical Cleric Calls for Peace in Germany

Mohammed El Fazazi has written an open letter to the Muslims of Germany calling for peaceful means of protest. Fazazi was one of the preachers who previously radicalized three of the 911 hijackers in a Hamburg mosque and is currently imprisoned for his role in radicalizing the group responsible for the Casablanca attacks of 2003.

He writes that his time in prison has made him reflect on his beliefs and see how violence doesn’t work.

  • He calls for Muslims in Germany to seek change through civilian, peaceful methods of resistance, “means of peaceful demonstrations, strikes and protests that are far removed from indiscriminate attacks, the killing of innocent people with the argument of killing kuffar, or non believers.”
  • He says “the strength of the argument lies not in a rifle bullet, in violence or in explosive belts. Those won’t bring about change.”
  • “As for those in the streets of Hamburg who think about jihad in the path of God, they should think about life, because this is the true jihad.”

Spiegel has published parts of his letter and they can be found here:  “Germany is  No Battle Zone” – Mohammed El Fazazi’s Letter

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