Reflecting on “Dancing”


I wrote this during the Gaza war. I think the theme of dance is very important, post-quantum physics way to understand the complex interaction of enemies, how they build on each other, and what it must teach us in reverse. I am amazed at how much of a dance enemies have, how much they depend on each other’s worst behaviors. We know this scientifically but it is hard to internalize as a definition of fluid reality. All our debates are as if enemies are fixed entities not evolving with each other. We warriors for peace still do not know how to really counteract that. We have tried the arts, we have tried tourism, we have tried commerce, but the dance of death is more frightening and compelling to the masses. Why did the young generation succeed in the 1960’s to create a real alternative that attracted the masses, but we have failed? Or have we? Is that the wrong question? Still searching.


There is always a dance of life and a dance of death. The only question at each moment of history is which dance is more appealing.
Warriors for life must learn to out dance warriors for death, and the best way is to never ever dance alone.

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© Marc Gopin