Reflection on Pursuit in the Middle East and Jerusalem, July 2014

Rebellion is only freedom when there is a path, and the path is compassion. Otherwise the new master is hate. 

Rebellion is the mirror image of the oppressor, unless there is vision, and unless the vision is compassion. 

Peaceful vision of a peaceful path. Otherwise, rebellion is merely an image of the oppressor. 

Heroes of peace grow like wildflowers. But they flower only through those who follow them. Otherwise they are crucified, or, worse, ignored.

Heroes of peace are simply mirrors of populations ready to love. Until they are ready, not even God can shake them.

Peace only calls the ‘every person’, and then heroes merely lead the way when the ‘every person’ is tired of not listening to the angel within.


An Abraham is always pursuing teenagers to slaughter and fulfill his vision, a Voice is always suggesting alternatives, while Sarah and Hagar drown in a sea of tears, dying inside.

God of the Universe: Show us the lamb to be offered instead of our slaughtered teenagers.

To pursue is to lose. Chase an idea, chase a person, and lose yourself.  Be an idea, be a human being, then you are found.

To chase humanity is to lose your soul to a ghost. Find your true self and humanity is searching for you.

Chase another and lose yourself, chase yourself and the world will chase you.

Heroes of peace grow like wildflowers, and like wildflowers they surprise, humble and embarrass when they grow in places you never expected would support life.

On the new Caliph:
There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible. But in the end they always fall. Think of it. Always.



© Marc Gopin