Reflection on Yazidis


Yazidi Family (Source: Aquila-Style)

Yazidi Family (Aquila-Style)


I am starting to understand the human sacrifice of this people to the so-called Islamic State. They are loved by no one because they are not Muslim, falsely accused of being devil worshippers for having a different theology related to but different than the Islamic narrative, neither Sunni nor Shia. The Kurds have protected them, as they bravely do other minorities, and the Americans protected them, all from Sunni extremists funded by the Arab Gulf. Kurdistan is one of the last hopes of this region.

There is blight upon the MIddle East for the vicious destruction of the plurality of peoples and religions. No one can doubt this now. The irony is that authoritarian and dictatorial regimes from Iran, to Iraq, to Syria, to Israel used to be far better homes to minorities than the extreme fascism that has spread across the land now from the Gulf. In each authoritarian case, from Iran to Israel, there have been chosen enemies who have been treated unjustly and brutally, which makes this very daunting from an ethical point of view. But we in peacebuilding must choose and discern carefully, and understand the core concern, protecting human life, helping life to flourish in any way possible. I curse war, and I curse war profits, for none of this would be happening if it were not for the self-righteousness of warfare. I curse it, even as I watch helplessly yet another indigenous people destroyed.

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