Reflections on the Middle East June 2014

Humans are using powers of reasoning and planning to make a far less violent planet than ever before in history . Lets accelerate the pace.


The defeat of violence is silence, for in silence there is observation, and observation yields reason, humility and compassion.


Revenge and Compassion are the same. Both are crying mothers with raw hearts. But one gives birth to Hell, and the other to Heaven.


When you oppose hatred with hatred you cannot win. Only hatred wins. Embrace those who hate and undermine their hatred from within. #Wisdom


The only victory against hatred is love. Everything else is a defeat.


Hatred is fire, and love is water. The hatred of the few burns the many who have no water, but those with water easily extinguish the fire.


Policies without love cannot extinguish the fires of hatred. Policies with love are a mighty river. Human Rights is a mighty river.


Dictators, demagogues and politicians can only do so much damage. If a people has a flaw, they must examine it. If they examine it, they can change. The only real flaw that damages? Hatred.


Dictators, demagogues can only do so much damage. If a people has a flaw, they must examine it and change. Hatred is the key flaw.


Violent victories by violent people are no victories at all. They just rearrange the map of nonviolent resistance.


When I decided that every human being is created in the image of God I became an orphan. There is no tribe that truly believes that. 


I do not mourn for Jewish children. I cannot. Only for children. Does that lessen my mourning? My pain? My love? 


© Marc Gopin