Saudi rejects foreign interference in Iraq, blames ‘sectarian’ Maliki | Reuters

The crisis “would not have happened if it wasn’t for the sectarian and exclusionary policies that were practiced in Iraq in past years and which threatened its security, stability and sovereignty”, official news agency SPA cited Information Minister Abdulaziz Khoja as saying.

via Saudi rejects foreign interference in Iraq, blames ‘sectarian’ Maliki | Reuters.

This is a good opening diplomatically. We have KSA and Qatar blaming Maliki and Iran for making Iraq a sectarian debacle, we have Iran stepping in, even nonviolent Ayatollah Sistani calling the Shi’ites of Iraq to take up arms to defend themselves, we have the rest of the rational world blaming Qatar and Saudi citizens for ISIL and extremist violence of these decades, we have Iran beginning to rush in, and the USA flaunting its ever possible trump card, massive use of force, as the ‘solution to sectarians’. So now that all parties have fallen on their own swords, everyone from Maliki to the Gulfies eating the fruits of their own violence, Sunni citizens of Iraq actually more afraid of American violence than freakish extremists, all the negative seeds have been sown. 

To me that all spells out diplomacy, proxy negotiations and coalitions. EVERYONE has destroyed the Middle East, and they cannot escape their own folly without each other. There can be no more stable oil producing Gulf that is fueled by sectarianism, hatred, exclusion, and heavy weapons. It is time for a summit of KSA, Iran, Qatar, the USA. Personally I woul like to see far more representation by the least violent and more rational smaller countries of the world, as well as a parallel process of moderate religious representatives, to steer this sad region in a new direction. Yes, of course, there will be American military action as these militants march on Baghdad. But now more than ever we need a summit that will contain and reverse the destruction of Syria and Iraq. 





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