Short Reflections on the Gains and Losses of War



When you stay with a family that thrives on hatred of everyone else, 99.9% of humanity fears you, and certainly dislikes you. When you grow into your original family of humanity, your enemies are only a small percent of your old family that thrived on fear and hatred of the rest. 


If you want the joy of loving humanity, you must endure the sorrow of losing many loved ones. The more you love, the more you lose. If you are not prepared, bitterness will swallow you.

If you prepare yourself for loss, then the light of love will endure and even conquer the darkness dividing you from enemies, when the men with guns slink into the shadows exhausted and defeated.


Miscalculations cause much human violence. Each side thinks its escalation of inflicted pain will cause the other to back down, and then it does the opposite. If miscalculation causes war, then we must become experts at calculation.

Calculate costs versus benefits, calculate likely next steps, calculate future from past, calculate the wages of love versus hate, calculate the wages of compassion versus callousness.


Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness- MLK Martin Luther King Jr.

© Marc Gopin