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  • Compassionate Reasoning

    It is out and Oxford and Amazon are keeping the price below $35. From the Introduction: “This book, more than any of my other books, centers on the creation of a new idea and a new approach to thinking, feeling, and doing that might help transform human relations for the better. I have encapsulated that in the phrase “Compassionate Reasoning” which is founded upon an exploration of and devotion to compassion as one of the most amazing and important emotions and ethical principles that brings healing and hope to human relations. The “reasoning” part rests on the importance for human reasoning, and moral reasoning in particular, as it is expressed and described over the centuries in at least five different approaches to virtue and moral decision-making. I have asked myself how I can acknowledge the roots of this journey toward this new idea and combination of skills and practices. When …

  • Reason and Compassion



    Reason and compassion are lovers
    That give birth to our humanity,
    but only when they engage
    Daily, with intensity.
    The more one’s mind
    is drawn daily to compassion
    For all sentient life,
    the more it is drawn daily to develop
    universal principles of behavior
    that apply to all beings
    Without exception,
    Even very imperfect beings.
    The more that reason is developed daily
    the more it becomes empirically clear
    that we are all the same,
    in 99% of our being,
    the more it becomes empirically self evident
    That where we are different
    it is an advantage,
    Our diversity is our strength.

    compassion and reason are lovers,
    So that we can be.


    (Photo: Cultivating Leadership)

  • Reflection on Pursuit in the Middle East and Jerusalem, July 2014

    Rebellion is only freedom when there is a path, and the path is compassion. Otherwise the new master is hate. 

    Rebellion is the mirror image of the oppressor, unless there is vision, and unless the vision is compassion. 

    Peaceful vision of a peaceful path. Otherwise, rebellion is merely an image of the oppressor. 

    Heroes of peace grow like wildflowers. But they flower only through those who follow them. Otherwise they are crucified, or, worse, ignored.

    Heroes of peace are simply mirrors of populations ready to love. Until they are ready, not even God can shake them.

    Peace only calls the ‘every person’, and then heroes merely lead the way when the ‘every person’ is tired of not listening to the angel within.


    An Abraham is always pursuing teenagers to slaughter and fulfill his vision, a Voice is always suggesting alternatives, while Sarah and Hagar drown in a sea