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    AntakyaAsk why to be a child,
    Ask what to be an adult.
    Ask why to be confused,
    Ask what for clarity.
    Ask why to be passive
    Ask what to be active.
    Ask why to mourn,
    Ask what to build.…

  • Reflections, August 2014 vol.2

    The stoics, the Epicurians, Taoists, Sufis, the Buddhists, all feel that the real prison is the human mind. I am still thinking.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannibal_Directive The question now facing #Jews is how many #Palestinian lives should be sacrificed for one #Israeli soldier? 10? 100?
    With children of #Syria#crdc and project Amal ou Salam
    AmalouSalam pic
    A budding #Syrian artist, generously giving his paintings away
    A message of the children of #Syria
    Message from Syrian kids
    To be with victims in a time of war is to be @loss for words but not to be with them even one victim is to be @loss of your soul
    #Syrians and #Turks deep in negotiations
    kids negotiation
    The beginning and end of conflict prevention is gratitude. #peacebuilding
    https://marcgopin.com/2014/08/23/urgent-on-syria/ please Share widely.  It is essential to both save #Syria from #ISIS and to use all parties for immediate ceasefire.
    http://www.haaretz.com/mobile/.premium-1.611395?v=680CA1F8707230AE49358F9E70E58220 Only by facing the death of #democracy in #Israel can you fight for

  • A Moment

    It is a special agony leaving loved ones behind who go back to war. It is a special guilt that tears at the soul.

    Aug 29 from FB


  • Violence: The Turning

    It is a law:
    Violence begets nonviolence,
    Like a tulip in winter,
    In all places,
    In all cultures.
    But only those
    With eyes wide open
    Can see it,
    In the middle of
    Winter storms.

    The most important turning point
    for any civilization passing from darkness into light
    is every moment
    that a weapon passes
    from someone who has no self control
    and no compassion
    to someone who does.…

  • “Sunni and Shiite British Imams Denounce ISIS Together In New Video” -Huffington Post

    Very important Muslim statement on IS.

    Sunni and Shiite Muslim leaders in the United Kingdom have come together to denounce the Islamic militant group ISIS in a video posted by a group called Imams Online, reports the BBC.

    A statement on the Imams Online website says, “Senior British imams have come together to emphasize the importance of unity in the UK and to decree ISIS as an illegitimate, vicious group who do not represent Islam in any way.”

    Click here to read the whole article.


  • Shades of Heaven / Birth



    When a theologian of another religion says what you were thinking the moment before it comes out of your mouth #syria, with the Bosnian hero Father Ivo.


    The warrior is born at 15000 feet,
    With the press of a thumb.
    The anti-warrior is born underneath cement,
    With the press of a shovel,
    The first,


    (Photo: Now Media)…

  • “Baghdadi Denial Syndrome” -Now Media


    Very important essay. The only people hurt by conspiracy theories are those that hide behind them. There is much more to reveal about IS over time, but like Bin Laden and those sad conspiracy theories, the truth will be even harder for the Arab world to bear. Honest self examination is the only path forward. It is amazing to me how many people expect the Jews to self examine about Israel yet when it comes to this horrific stage of the Arab Muslim history these folks need to invent Hitler like insanity to avoid hard realities. But change is coming to this region and it will be horrific until the blaming of others becomes less important than the reconciliation of warring Muslims.

    NOW, Baghdadi Denial Syndrome by Hussein Ibish

    One of the most alarming features of Arab responses to the rise of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and

  • Midnight Reflections on Ancient Words

    Sarkoy Moon rs

    Midnight Reflections on the ancient words of the prophets of these Abrahamic lands:

    Not impressed by the blood of your sacrifices. But a good struggle for the human rights of the children, the orphans, the widows, the hungry, the oppressed, whatever their religion, language or ethnicity? Now that would impress the hell out of me.


    (Photo: Life in the Middle East)…

  • Reflection on Yazidis



    I am starting to understand the human sacrifice of this people to the so-called Islamic State. They are loved by no one because they are not Muslim, falsely accused of being devil worshippers for having a different theology related to but different than the Islamic narrative, neither Sunni nor Shia. The Kurds have protected them, as they bravely do other minorities, and the Americans protected them, all from Sunni extremists funded by the Arab Gulf. Kurdistan is one of the last hopes of this region.

  • Sins of the Nonviolent



    Warriors carry the sins of violence, of killing the innocent, intentionally and by negligence. But the nonviolent carry sins too, because war is a collective crime and must be understood in its totality as an anti-civilization human phenomenon. The nonviolent play their role. Their sin is the sin of negativity, divestment, emotional distance, bifurcation, polarization, demonization. Divestment and hate are easy but more cowardly. It is the same everywhere. Arabs and muslims walk away from Syria if they are nonviolent, even fellow Syrians. They don’t support. Violent people are guilty of their own crimes but nonviolent are guilty of the sin of negativity, emotional cowardice and selfishness. …