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  • Ask


    AntakyaAsk why to be a child,
    Ask what to be an adult.
    Ask why to be confused,
    Ask what for clarity.
    Ask why to be passive
    Ask what to be active.
    Ask why to mourn,
    Ask what to build.…

  • Defeated By Love

    The sky was lit
    by the splendor of the moon
    So powerful
    I fell to the ground
    Your love
    has made me sure
    I am ready to forsake
    this worldly life
    and surrender
    to the magnificence
    of your Being

              –Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (Poet, 1207-1273)



  • Law’s Absence

    The beginning of law is the expectation of everything. The beginning of gratitude is the expectation of nothing. The dance of law and gratitude is sobriety. Punishment must be delayed, in order to live.…

  • Perfection

    No perfect partners no perfect families no perfect societies no perfect peace no perfect justice. Perfection is the enemy of happiness. Perfection is a delusion that creates misery. Perfection is the friend of isolation, anger, impatience, and disappointment. Perfection is an idol of nonexistence whose absence generates the worship of rage. Perfection obsession is a hard wired inherited habit of thinking whose offspring is alienation and depression , more so in the recipients than in the source. Gratitude is its opposite. Gratitude is its cure.



    (Photo: Dr. Karen)…

  • “Peace Practice Online in a Time of War” -from S-CAR Newsletter

    I recently wrote a cover article reflecting on the recent war in Gaza to the newsletter published by School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

    Practice is a messy, miserable reality that deserves its own independent study. What do we do in times of war? This has dramatically changed for me and many others in just the last year or two, where every war seems to be bringing individuals together online to a level of intimacy, collaboration, and care unprecedented, and others to a level of hatred unprecedented. Then there are shades of gray, where how you frame your disagreements, your texts, your cries, your screams, your pleas, your ruminations in the dead of night, all of it yields surprising communications across enemy lines, in all of the many and variegated enemy systems that overlap in international conflicts. A string of people from one side of the conflict becoming the only

  • Reflections on the Middle East June 2014

    Humans are using powers of reasoning and planning to make a far less violent planet than ever before in history http://tinyurl.com/lrdratd . Lets accelerate the pace.


    The defeat of violence is silence, for in silence there is observation, and observation yields reason, humility and compassion.


    Revenge and Compassion are the same. Both are crying mothers with raw hearts. But one gives birth to Hell, and the other to Heaven.


    When you oppose hatred with hatred you cannot win. Only hatred wins. Embrace those who hate and undermine their hatred from within. #Wisdom


    The only victory against hatred is love. Everything else is a defeat.


    Hatred is fire, and love is water. The hatred of the few burns the many who have no water, but those with water easily extinguish the fire.


    Policies without love cannot extinguish the fires of hatred. Policies with love are a mighty river. Human Rights