The Only Good Cleric is a Powerless Cleric

Brilliant article simply stated on why fundamentalists cannot be trusted with sole authority over minors. The ongoing scandals of abuse of male students at Jewish Orthodox institutions continues, but what is remarkable is the intention of fundamentalists to keep away secular authorities who might protect the abused. 

The evidence is overwhelming across the globe that male clerics cannot monitor their own behavior. It does not matter if they are Hindu, Jewish, Catholic or Muslim. The most important reality is that male clerics are not gods, they are not infallible, and that the fundamentalist presumption of moral superiority before the liberal state is cracking at the seams. 

History is proving time and time again in recent decades that humanity has reached a critical juncture with regard to the human flirtation with the sacred and the search for ultimate meaning, which some call religion. It is better left in the hands of the absolutely powerless. The thoroughly liberal idea that only the state or community, governed openly by the people, is capable of steering, however imperfectly, society towards greater and greater protection of the innocent. 

As long as clerics are powerless they should be free to explore and teach and guide the human search for ultimate meaning. The moment they get power you can guarantee the eventual corruption of the human spirit. The only good cleric is a powerless cleric, and I say that with the sincerest respect for millions of law-abiding spiritual and idealistic clerics around the globe. 

© Marc Gopin