They Bomb and You Bomb

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*dedicated to all my dearest Arab, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic sisters and brothers,

Too many to name,

Across the world,

Who bring light and love.

You know who you are.


I had a dream of you.

Last night I saw bombs bursting everywhere,

But they were Yours not theirs.

They bombed and you bombed.

Their bombs pierce the body and break it apart in pieces,

Your bombs pierce the heart and merge body and soul with millions of other souls.

Their bombs stream across the sky with hate,

Your bombs stream across the planet with love.

Their bombs destroy family relations,

Yours create a thousand more relations.

Their bombs make a man weep with sorrow,

And your bombs make a man weep with sorry.

Their bombs are designed for ultimate torture,

And your bombs heal the worst wounds.

Their bombs are manufactured for revenge,

And yours for reconciliation.

Their bombs enter the heart and make it bleed red onto the street,

And your bombs enter the heart and make it bleed into another’s soul.

Their bombs end the lives of children,

And your bombs create new children.

Their bombs create hate where there was none,

And yours create love where there was none.

Their bombs are inherited from nations that torment their people,

Your bombs are imported from imaginations that healed their people.

They bomb and you bomb.

They bomb and create a piece of hell on earth,

You bomb and create a piece of heaven on earth.

They bomb and put themselves into a purgatory of their own rage,

You bomb and put yourself into a pool of your own love.

They bomb to create death,

You bomb to create life.

They bomb and blind,

You bomb and make the blind see.

They bomb and cripple the body,

You bomb and make the crippled heart beat again.

They bomb and create a world of darkness,

You bomb and make a world of light.

This is your burden, this is your destiny.

Explode into your destiny and bring life,

Until the light overcomes the darkness.


© Marc Gopin