Thoughts on Our War World



How can we listen to sad love songs,
When there are so many starving for love?
Who the hell do we think we are?
What rights for pity do we think we have,
When outside our doorstep,
Is a cosmos of love-starved beings?


We, we are the Higgs boson,
We are elusive,
Impossible to discover,
Yet everywhere.
We come from nothing,
We return to nothing,
But we have changed everything.
Hawking worries,
As we capture Higgs boson,
We could annihilate everything.
But we already do that,
Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
Death pits a historical constant,
Writhing bodies’ dance of
Slow bloodied end.
We imagine worlds,
And we build them,
We imagine death pits,
And create them.
We human minds,
We are
The annihilation Creation.
We are the worlds we see,
In the galaxies above,
Destroyed and created,
At every moment,
Of Time.

But let us be benevolent,
As we beseech of the Cosmos.
Let us create,
More than we destroy.
Destruction is an absolute power,
We men crave it so!
We can sacrifice the children.
We can kill all of them,
In an instant.
But let us be benevolent.
For the sake of
The offspring
Of Time.

Higgs boson,
Elusive dreamer!
Stay the hand,
Of our scythe.
Draw us,
To the Light.


You shot your tiny plankton,
Across the universe,
Into my mother’s,
Oxygen and water filled
Together you created me,
Near the beginning of Time.

Why did you do this?
What do you want me to do?
Ah, right, you are parents,
You just want to see me,
To see me Live.
Ok then.
But it is not easy.
It is easier to shoot plankton,
With a comet,
Than get along,
With 7 billion brothers and sisters.
But thanks for this.
You make me cry every night,
In gratitude.


© Marc Gopin