Thoughts On War This Week

We Shall Overcome- MLK

“We Shall Overcome Because the Arc of the Moral Universe is Long; But It Bends tward Justice.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Black and white are the colors of war, and the rest are the colors of peace. Black and white misfire the human brain. Symptoms of disease, they are the colors of paranoia, fear, false righteousness, emptiness, and panic. The other colors embrace mixture, love making, uncertainty, evolution, and merging. Sacred life is in the rainbow.

The white light of bombs streaks across the sky and fills our hearts with terror, the light of the rainbow streaks across the sky and fills us with hope.

The light of bombs lands on earth with thunderous booms that spell destruction of life and limb in that spot, the light of the rainbow lands on earth with a whispered blessing that is nowhere and everywhere.


Remember the dead to sanctify them, for God created the living every hour of every day to sanctify the world, and then created the dead to make the living remember that sanctification of life was their task, not sacrifice of the living, nor sacrilege.

Feel the dead of war, feel them in your soul, fill your heart with them, and then you will know how to save the next ones.

Be in the world of the living and the world of the dead, live there in between, to help the dead rest by helping the living to embrace life.

I used to have a picture on my wall of every single Jewish victim of terror in 2003. I drank them in every night. And only then I went even deeper to love Arab neighbors.

Leaders are followers, and followers are leaders. Neither knows that. They play their respective roles, the blind leading the blind.

There is a difference between saying war is obsolete, and saying war is over. One is naive, the former is enlightened evaluation.

© Marc Gopin