Tillers of Truth

This is fresh air for those who watched Argentina helplessly. This is why the protestors being hunted globally need patience to win. We know who you are, we are with you. But we do not know how to protect you without making your lives even worse. But history is salvation in the Biblical sense. The truth always emerges inside the brutal arms of historical scrutiny. Military leaders, judges, clerics, no one escapes the eventual truth. No ideology can stand in the way of the investigator of truth. Historical truth is an arm of Divine justice. In fact, this is what is meant by old mythical phrases for the God of Truth.

We all know and intuit, especially those of us old enough to have watched a parade of hypocrites with medals on their breasts, that no one stands the scrutiny of time if their medals are hiding the blood of others. Sometimes i think that medals and perfume get more and more imposing the deeper the stench right beneath the surface.

This young woman facing the horrible truth of her family is a metaphor for every privileged person in a war zone that has ever lived. Literal parents, figurative parents, it does not matter. My friend Roi Ben Yehuda is right, as were the great Greek playwrights. Sometimes you have to kill your parents to discover the liberating experience of the truth. It does not matter whether that parent is the president of a country or a simple woman, the parent is the world. But the world must submit to truth, just as surely as the hard ground must submit to the harsh blades of the tiller. This is how new seeds come, and life can be renewed after the death of dreams and nations.


© Marc Gopin