What is *Reality*? – Welcome to the Sulha

In the context of major global conflicts, where everyone is analyzing what is right or wrong, black or white, left or right, it has occured to me that the definition of reality sometimes gets lost in the mix.

Here are few definitons of reality occording to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


1: the quality or state of being real

2 a (1): a real event, entity, or state of affairs reality> (2): the totality of real things and events reality> b: something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily

Imagine for just a moment if headlines coming out of the Middle East read like this tomorrow….

Today thousands of Arabs, Jews, Israelis,
Palestinians, Seculars and Religious, Christians, Muslims,
Druze, young and old gathered to dance, to cry, to share, to
laugh, to work, to play and ultimately, to live together for
three days just a few miles outside of Jerusalem.

Doesn’t sound like reality does it?….

If your answer was something like, “no” or “how naïve,” I’m here to say, “quite the contrary!” In fact, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes!! The passage above describes the seventh annual “On the Way to the Sulha Gathering,” a three day gathering of locals aspiring to create a new reality by preparing themselves and their neighbors for a life of mutual respect and trust. I’ve been there the last two years.

Watch it yourself:

Welcome to reality

Would you like to learn more about the Sulha Peace Project? Contact either Gabriel Meyer or Ihab Balha through their website, www.sulha.com

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