Month: February 2015

  • Fringes

    The political fringe loves the “other” political fringe,
    The one they are fighting,
    Because the more “fringy” the other becomes,
    The stronger it makes each fringe,
    The more each fringe becomes the center,
    And from there to complete war,
    Which is the only space they feel safe,
    A world clearly divided into us and them,
    with a clear purpose,
    To fight.
    Only solidarity defeats this.
    The more solidarity the more the fringes are defeated,
    The less solidarity the more they win the mainstream.
    But solidarity requires real values clarification,
    Real compromises in the search of common values,
    Which takes leadership and courage from the few
    Who can lead the frightened and confused many.…

  • Our Biggest Problem Today: Democratic Lemmings

    One of the greatest strategic thinkers from the right in Israel speaks his mind. He reflects the majority of the thinking of the military and intelligence upper echelons. But our biggest problem today is democratic lemmings…those who march obediently over cliffs of self-destruction created by demagogues.

    See full article here.…

  • Short Film with a Long History

    I have been haunted by this short film for days. For those who do not know it is about Rainer Rainer Höß, grandson of the commandant of Auschwitz who murdered over 15 thousand human beings a day, at least one million, while raising his children in the camp. Anyone who wants to understand conflict analysis, reconciliation, and who lives with the shadows of Jewish life, should see this. I cannot stop thinking about this. I lost it 2/3 of way in. See it to the end.

    Watch video here.…

  • Time for Nonviolent Reformation

    Oh, yes, the answer to ISIS barbarity of burning someone to death, is definitely crucifixion. Al Azhar University, under Sisi is making great strides toward restoring decency to Middle Eastern civilization, don’t you think? The decent people of the Middle East have been completely silenced by certain tyrannical regimes on all sides. It is really time for a nonviolent reformation. The Arab Spring was too dramatic and too sudden. This is going to require a secular/religious coalition to restore the best values of a civilization that is being strangled.

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  • Get Off Oil…Fast.

    By the way this group, whose financial and professional origins came from both secular and religious dictatorships of the middle east and Gulf, is simply taking one step further the complete dehumanization and sale of girls that was going on with others , the Baathists in Syria had already done in this with Iraqi refugee girls and Gulf clients and Gulf complicity, now Syrian girls with Gulf clients and now Isis just increases the horror. The horror looks religious on the surface but this is just mass criminality that will reign until there is a middle eastern reformation that will require secular and Religous people to join hands , and the major non middle eastern powers to stop supporting disgusting leaders and start supporting the better ones, and there are better ones. And for that to occur the world needs to get the hell off of oil fast. Oil

  • Buried in History…?

    “Onlookers sometimes fired rifles and handguns hundreds of times into the corpse while people cheered and children played during the festivities. Pieces of the corpse were taken by onlookers as souvenirs of the event [5]. Such was the case when James Irwin was lynched on January 31, 1930. Irwin was accused of the murder of a white girl in the town of Ocilla, Georgia. Taken into custody by a rampaging mob, his fingers and toes were cut off, his teeth pulled out by pliers and finally he was castrated. It still wasn’t enough. Irwin was then burned alive in front of hundreds of onlookers (Brundage, p. 42). No one was ever punished for this barbaric killing. Black victims were hacked to death, dragged behind cars [6], burned, beaten, whipped, sometimes shot thousands of times, mutilated; the savagery was astonishing. How could ordinary people participate in such brutality?”

    So these

  • Philosophy

    I have studied philosophy every year since I was a child, but I was not ready for its genius until I crashed my life and created a clean slate. Philosophy is best served on an empty dish .…

  • Criticism

    If you spend 70% of your time constructively critiquing your own people, your own country, your religion, your groups, then you are probably on the right side of history. If you spend 90% of your time defending your own and attacking others, you are probably not doing much good for anyone. Your own are not learning anything from you, and your adversaries just hate you more .