Month: July 2015

  • Voices from the Middle East the Israeli & Palestinian Narratives of New Story Leadership 2

    I am at 29:15-43:29. and then a lot in the Q and A. Please watch, I was good that day. I highly recommend the whole video, as there were so many inspiring voices from young Palestine and Israel, each one of them a courageous and amazing person. And Mohammed Cherkoui from The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution was really great as well. Mmmm, watching this now this is more organized than i thought. It is funny I speak without notes, and it does not feel organized inside. interesting.



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  • New Story Leadership for the Middle East

    I was searching for the event of a few days ago, and realized I never saw this video from last year. It is good, except someone should tell the speaker to stop crinking his neck just because he was trying to make a good point. Then I looked back at family pictures and realized that many Gopins do this with their necks in public. genetics is weird, but enjoy the talk  🙂

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