Month: October 2011

  • Tillers of Truth

    This is fresh air for those who watched Argentina helplessly. This is why the protestors being hunted globally need patience to win. We know who you are, we are with you. But we do not know how to protect you without making your lives even worse. But history is salvation in the Biblical sense. The truth always emerges inside the brutal arms of historical scrutiny. Military leaders, judges, clerics, no one escapes the eventual truth. No ideology can stand in the way of the investigator of truth. Historical truth is an arm of Divine justice. In fact, this is what is meant by old mythical phrases for the God of Truth.

    We all know and intuit, especially those of us old enough to have watched a parade of hypocrites with medals on their breasts, that no one stands the scrutiny of time if their medals are hiding the blood of …

  • Swept by Vision

    This is a poem that I wrote in honor of my daughter Lexi’s Bat Mitsvah. Many who heard me recite it at the Bat Mitsvah wanted me to make it available. Here it is. 


    August 31, 2011


    Wrapped in blankets,

    And swept by vision,

    Her eyes on fire with dramas unseen,

    She told a tale,

    Like ancient bards and mystics.

    She breathed in her words,

    And her eyes spoke of places

    Far away and never conjured before,

    Her massive shock of little curls

    Dramatizing the contours of her serious face.

    She was four.

    She was in the middle of telling a story

    To me in her bunk bed,

    At darkened bed-time.

    Without warning she jumped to the end of the bed,

    Curled up in a ball.

    There was a rainbow,

    And it was in the room.


    Years later I saw a thick rainbow,

    In Arlington,…