Month: November 2014

  • Idolatry


    Idolatry is not about icons or about multiple names or faces for the Divine. That is common even among monotheists. Idolatry is worshiping one thing so much you consume all virtues, all human beings, in pursuit of that one thing, and delude yourself into feeling perfectly righteous in doing so. Guns, money, power, race, oil, male domination, settlements….


  • Health


    There are two patients who are the toughest: the one who cannot be convinced that he is sick, the one who cannot be convinced that he is healthy. This is even more true of the mind than it is of the body.



    (Photo: Teachers net)


  • “A New United Nations of Human Rights Countries” – Huffington Post

    My latest article has come up on Huffington Post. Appreaciate your consideration, comments, and critiques!


    “A New United nations of Human Rights Countries,” Huffington Post

    The ten most successful nations on earth, in terms of well-known categories of human rights adherence, as well as other quality of life metrics, such as equal pay, women’s equality, the basic freedoms, environmental sustainability, should form a union that will come with very clear and enviable privileges and for the governments and peoples of said states… 

    The goal of such a union is simple: incentivized expansion, the creation of a club that aspires to include more and more member states, as those states reach the appointed threshold metrics of human rights adherence. This will create incentives, from both top down and bottom up, to improve a human rights record. This will revitalize a global movement in a better direction for many nations, and it

  • Absolutes



    Absolutes meet absolutes,
    On the battlefield of mind.
    The winner takes the heart,
    And the heart drives the hands,
    And the hands do what they will.
    There is a time on this earth,
    For questions,
    And there is a time for answers.
    The mind is the gateway
    To the question,
    And the question is the gateway
    To knowledge of things,
    Earthly and divine.
    But the young mind also craves absolutes.…