A New Direction for US-Muslim Relations

Yesterday Marc participated in panels on Capitol Hill and at  The National Press Club to coincide with the release of a seminal report entitled “Changing Course: A New Direction for Relations with the Muslim World” issued by The US-Muslim Engagement Project. Marc was one of thirty four Americans who constituted the Leadership Council on U.S. Muslim Engagement. It was a bipartisan group of leading Republicans, Democrats, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, secular and religious, liberal and conservative. They met over a period of two years to create this report which has detailed recommendations for the United States Government, NGO’s, and for the governments of the Muslim world. The convening this extremely diverse group was also meant as a model of how to change course and what kind of negotiations need to take place in the United States in order to create positive change, as well as in the global community. They have also postecreeated this short documentary about their mission.

See excellent reports in The New York Times and Market Watch. Here is the Exective Summary. Rob Fersh, David Fairman and Paula Gutlove played the central roles in bringing this project to fruition. Coinciding with the culmination of the production of the report, Intersections, a new organization dedicated to forging a common ground for global social justice, has launched a project, Change the Story, to introduce the insights of this report at the grass roots of America. Reverend Robert Chase announced Change the Story at the National Press Club event.

Extensive pictures of yesterday’s events can be found here.

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