You have to watch this short five minute film to believe it. Watch a village steadily stolen illegally by the Jewish National Fund, finally destroyed by the IDF and the State with hundreds of police, and then rebuilt and reclaimed by Jews and Arabs, citizens of Israel, together.

You don’t have to believe that this is exactly what the JNF has been doing for over a hundred years, you don’t have to read the long and complicated history through the eyes of Israel’s leading analysts like Tom Segev in One Palestine Complete, just look at five minutes of video to see the destruction of olive trees and the theft of land through planting ‘Jewish’ trees, donated by clueless American Jews, no doubt, as Arabs watch helplessly their entire village demolished. But then watch Jews and Arabs together rebuilding in a single day. Feel the power and the determination.

When will Jews, Christians and Arabs from around the world join this noble struggle of Arabs and Jewish citizens of Israel  instead of sitting on the sidelines cheering one side or another?

Go to Israel, support the peacemakers, the justice seekers, the change makers, support villagers abused by the state, by senseless bigotry.

What happens in the Holy Land is the patrimony of the entire Abrahamic family, and those who affiliate with that family have a duty to make things right there, not by hate, not by apathy and indifference, not by cowardice, and certainly not by supporting terrorism or terrorist groups, but by courageously embracing what is right, by supporting those engaged in heroic struggle, by applying the skills taught us by Gandhi and King to resist with love and respect, but to resist nevertheless.

© Marc Gopin